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Ala Carte Repairs

Brake adjust — $18
Derailleur adjust — $18
Fix flat — $10

Basic Wheel true — $20
Hub adjust — $20
Disk brake bleed — $38 (Fluid may be an additional cost)

Quick Tune — $50.00

This package is intended for the average rider whose bike is in good condition but needs just a little tune up. If your bike has been in the garage all winter this may be the right package for you.

  • Drivetrain (shifting) is adjusted and tuned

  • Brakes are adjusted and tuned

The Chain Gang — $65.00

Drivetrain Clean & Tune: This package is intended for the more serious rider whose bike is in good mechanical condition, but needs to have the grit, grime, mud and grease removed from the drive train to keep it running smoothly.

  • All the components of the drivetrain are cleaned, inspected and adjusted, making the transmission of the bike run smoothly.

Basic Tune — $70.00

This Performance & Safety Tune is a great mid-season service package for people who ride regularly to keep their bike performing great.

  • Adjustments are made to the entire bike.

  • Brakes, gear systems and bearing surfaces are all adjusted.

  • Both wheels are trued and set in proper alignment with the frame.

  • All nuts, bolts, bells and whistles are checked and tightened.

Complete Clean & Tune — $125.00

The Complete Clean and Tune is the perfect service package for people who ride regularly to have done to their bike before the put their bike away at the end of the year. For example, you may want to get a Basic Tune Up in June and a Complete Clean & Tune in January.

  • The entire drive train is removed and cleaned in a parts washer.

  • Parts are inspected, reinstalled and properly adjusted.

  • Wheels are cleaned and trued.

  • The headset, bottom bracket and hubs are adjusted to make your bike a finely tuned machine.

The Big Suck — $250.00 (excludes suspension service)

The Big Suck is a Complete Overhaul of your bike. Essentially, we will strip the bike down to the bare frame, where no two parts will be touching each other. Everything will be serviced, and then the bike will be reassembled. This package is designed for the person who either got that really nice old Schwinn from a garage sale and want it to run like new, or the serious enthusiast who needs to have their entire bike serviced. There will be no way that your bike will run better without buying new parts when you get it back.

  • The bike is stripped down to the bare frame and fork.

  • Both of these are checked for alignment and minor adjustments are made.

  • The headset, bottom bracket and hubs are broken down, cleaned and packed with bearings and fresh grease.

  • The remainder of the parts are thoroughly cleaned in a parts washer and re-assembled.

  • New brake cables and housing are installed (Hydraulic disc brake lines will be flushed and bled).

Suspension Service —
Front Fork, $85.00 | Rear Shock, $50.00

As with any other working parts on your bicycle, the suspension also needs to be maintained. How often? Before its too late for service! Depends on conditions and riding style. You will be pleased and amazed at the feel and performance.

  • We service both front and rear shocks.

  • Replace seals, wipers and fluids (parts are an additional charge).

  • Can be set to factory specs, or tuned for your tastes.

  • Call ahead to nail down the needs for your particular squishy bits.